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IEDat provides customized statistical and graphical analyses of all types of environmental data, including meteorological, ecological, and geographical data. We commonly work with large datasets from complex projects related to energy and environmental applications.

Wind Energy Consulting

Integrated Environmental Data can assist with wind energy resource assessment through measurement and data analysis services.

  1. Remote Sensing (SoDAR and LiDAR) for wind energy

    SoDAR (SOund Detection And Ranging) uses sound energy and LiDAR (LIght Detection and Ranging) uses light energy to probe the lower atmosphere. By analyzing the Doppler frequency shift of the backscattered sound or light, the profile of the wind speed and direction up to 300 m is determined. IEDat has experience with the analysis of data from sodar and lidar from all manufacturers, taken at hundreds of project sites across North America, Hawaii and in Europe. These remote sensing devices can produce a large quantity of data. IEDat offers fast, efficient, transparent, quality-controlled processing of data, especially very large data sets. We can rapidly integrate sodar or lidar output with convential anemometry to produce bankable data sets.

  2. Terrain Analysis

    Complex terrain leads to complex wind profiles. FLY! animations and terrain profiling techniques can improve understanding of wind flow in complex terrain.  Here is an example animation (3.5 Mb).  IEDat uses PCIGeomatics, Inc. software for GIS/Remote Sensing data analyses.

  3. Meteorological Monitoring & Data Analysis

    Long-term monitoring of wind speed, wind direction, and wind shear are essential for wind resource assessment.  IEDat offers monitoring and data analysis for the wind energy community, for small as well as large projects. We feature efficient, transparent, cost-effective processing, even for very lage data sets. Our experience and expertise in the meteorology of the lower atmosphere and especially in the wind energy business are key assets for acheiving bankable data.