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IEDat provides customized statistical and graphical analyses of all types of environmental data, including meteorological, ecological, and geographical data. We commonly work with large datasets from complex projects related to energy and environmental applications.

Forestry Consulting Services

IEDat can assist you with forest land planning, to help you achieve your ownership objectives. We can write FLEP-compliant plans, help with planning for 480-a tax treatment, and assist in other forest land use planning. If you would like to develop part of your forested land as a wind farm, we can help you make a plan that will achieve that goal without sacrificing the value of your forest.

Forest Stewardship Planning

IEDat nurtures the links among all forms of renewable resources. Forest resources, especially in the Northeast, have historically been exploited rather than tended, resulting in a resource which does not meet owners' objectives.

There are hundreds of thousands of acres of forest land in NYS alone which are not under any type of stewardship plan. Regardless of the owner's objectives--whether wildlife viewing, recreation, improved water quality timber production or other objectives, those objectives can best be met through planning.

The costs of developing a technically feasible and useful plan with lasting value can be partially offset through government programs designed to bring technical assistance to the forest stewardship planning process. IEDat can assist in the development of your plan, and in obtaining financial assistance for the planning process.