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IEDat provides customized statistical and graphical analyses of all types of environmental data, including meteorological, ecological, and geographical data. We commonly work with large datasets from complex projects related to energy and environmental applications.

IEDat Continuing Education Activities

In order to serve clients effectively, I strive to keep up-to-date with technical developments in my areas of expertise, and to broaden my perspective on new areas of expertise. The following are professional development or continuing education activities I have undertaken in the last 2 years:
  1. Forest Stewardship Workshop 2003
  2. Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting October 2003
  3. SAF Technical Field Workshop--Short Rotation Woody Crops for Bioenergy and Bioproducts October 2003
  4. Forest Land Enhancement Program Forester Training 2003
  5. AMS Boundary Layer Sodar and Radar Shortcourse January 2003
  6. AMS Lidar for Meteorologists Shortcourse January 2004
  7. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, February 2003
  8. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, January 2004
  9. AMS 16th Boundary Layers and Turbulence Meeting, August 2004
  10. Lyndon State AMS chapter 29th Annual Northeast Storm Conference, March, 2004
  11. Garrad Hassan Wind Farm Design Course, September, 2004
  12. IRS/USDA Forest and Woodland Taxation seminar November, 2004