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Amphibian Migration Project

Town of Berne Conservation Board

(Note: This web-site is being provided free-of-charge to the Town of Berne Conservation Board. No endorsement of the products or services of Integrated Environmental Data is implied or intended.)

Each spring amphibian species are on the move, migrating from their over-wintering habitat to breeding grounds. Unfortunately their migration routes often take them over heavily travelled roads, so that many individuals are killed.

The Conservation Board of the Town of Berne, NY is organizing a means of reducing the loss of so many salamanders and other amphibians.  A two-step process is involved:  first, we want to find out where the migration is heaviest, and second, we will organize groups of people to go to the heaviest migration areas to carry the animals across the road.

If you would like to participate in the survey or assist in transporting animals across the road, click here to submit a simple signup form.  We will use this website as a means of communicating whether conditions are going to be right for migration.

Green Tree Frog Spotted Jaz Spring Peep

The Town of Berne Conservation Board is assisting the amphibian migration project again in 2004. Watch this page for updated information on dates, times and places the survey will take place, and to see how you can help. Be sure to sign up (above) if you want to receive information directly via e-mail.

Updated 4/3/05 A chance of showers continues through this evening. There are bands of showers approaching that may affect the capital district after dark, making this another good night for amphibian migration. Meet at the Hop Field at 7:30 PM, unless you have a planned route or survey area elsewhere in the Town of Berne. Flood warnings are in effect in many areas, so drive carefully. Send an e-mail if you need instructions.